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Bluelink BL-UTP338: UTP Cable Cat 5E ( Warna: Merah, Kuning, Abu-abu, Biru)

Cable Bluelink UTP Cat 5E
BL-UTP338, 4 Colours Available : Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow
Jaminan Untuk Koneksi Data 100 Meter Konek

Bluelink Cable UTP CAT5 BL-338, the Best Quality Cable at the Lower price
Talked about the network would not be separated from a basic knowledge of the UTP cable (unshielded twisted-pair) is a type of network cables that use copper base material
Category 5 UTP cable (CAT5) is designed to support voice and data communications at speeds up to 100 megabits per second. This cable uses copper wire in the configuration of the four twisted pairs of wire (twisted pair) are protected by the insulation. These cables have been standardized by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).
CAT5 cable can support an Ethernet network (10BaseT), Fast Ethernet (100BaseT), until Etheret Gigabit (1000BaseT). This cable is the most popular cable, compare with fiber optic cables is almost twice more expensive than CAT5 cable. Because it has better electrical characteristics, CAT5 cable is the recommended cable for all network installations
To answer consumer needs for UTP cat5e cable,Bluelink provide CAT5 UTP cable product that can accept connections along the 100meter, this has been proven by many consumers. During the right way for crimping , bluelink guaranteed the ability to connect 100meter cord. Bluelink also provides guidance crimping both straight and cross posted in every box.
Bluelink launch the cable  in four colors: gray, blue, yellow and red colored cable. the colors is created to make trouble shooting easier, as an example of accounting for the red wire, yellow for logistics, marketing and blue to gray to technical. When there are problems in the accounting division technical side stay to check the red wire. So that trouble shooting can be much faster and easier.
The advantages of this product versus  other brands are:
Among the CAT5 cables are good and can connect in 100meter, bluelink cable is the cheapest. The Price is less than half
When compared with  other brands of cables that have the same price,  bluelink  cable be the most qualified, because the other brands just connect less than 100meters

Harga (Update 02 Januari 2014) : 
Rp. 388 Ribu ==> Rp. 369 Ribu

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