Kamis, 05 Mei 2016

Universal Clip Lens 3 in 1 Hello Kitty

Universal Clip Lens Hello Kitty

  • Wide-angle & Macro Lens
  • Fisheye - Lens - 180 defree
There are lens available : FISHEYE, MACRO AND WIDE ANGLE LENS.
Macro Lens can take clear photos of small objects
Wide-angle lens can shoot larger range of scenery
180 degrees of the scene can be captured by fisheye lens
, which can let you enjoy the unreal work.
To use this lens enable you easily enjoy photography and find the instant beauty off the world.

Spesifikasi :
- Paket terdiri dari lensa fisheye, lensa wide + macro (ditempel jadi satu dan bisa dilepas), penutup lensa, jepitan hello kitty, dan kantong lensa
- Kualitas lensa jernih

Warna tergantung dari stok tersedia

Beli = Setuju

Harga (Update Mei 2016) : Rp 18.500,-

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